Details for - WCZ#50-21

734113 Published in the Wagoner County American-Tribune, Wagoner, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, November 3, 2021

WCZ #50-21 - Legal Notice PURSUANT TO O.S. 19, 866.1 TO 866.35, A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD BY THE WAGONER METROPOLITAN AREA PLANNING COMMISSION. THE HEARING WILL BE HELD ON 30TH DAY OF NOVEMBER, 2021, AT 6:00 PM IN 301 SOUTH GRANT AVE, WAGONER, OK, WAGONER CIVIC CENTER , TO HEAR APPLICATION OF PAM POWELL FOR A ZONING MAP AMENDMENT MORE SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED AS ZONING FOR A ZONING MAP AMENDMENT; PRELIMINARY PLAT; FINAL PLAT. MORE SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED AS RESIDENTIAL USE. FOR THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY AS LEGALLY DESCRIBED A tract of land situated on the North Half of the Southeast Quarter (N/2 SE/4) of Section Fifteen (15) Township Seventeen (17) North, Range Fifteen (15) East of the Indian Base and Meridian, Wagoner County, State of Oklahoma, according to the U.S. Government Survey thereof, being more particularly described by metes and bounds as follows: Commencing at the East Quarter corner (E 1/4 corner) of Section 15; thence South 88°46'30" West along the North line of the SE/4 of Section 15, a distance of 824.87 feet to the Point of Beginning; thence continuing South 88°46'30" West a distance of 1827.66 feet to the center of Section 15; thence South 1°28'46" East along the West line of the SE/4 a distance of 555.00 feet; thence North 88°46'30" East a distance of 1827.48 feet; thence North 1°27'37" West a distance of 555.00 feet to the Point of Beginning. THE DESCRIBED PROPERTY IS IN THE AG ZONING DISTRICT. THOSE WHO MAY HAVE AN INTEREST IN THE ABOVE DESCRIBED MATTER MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD. /s/ Pam Powell PROPERTY OWNER/LEGAL APPLICANT