Details for - 10-22-21 SALE/WAGONER

727652 Published in the Wagoner County American-Tribune, Wagoner, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, October 13, 2021

Arborstone Self Storage located at 1280 S. Dewey Ave., Wagoner, OK. 74467 will hold a Public Sale on Friday, October 22nd at 10:00 a.m. The contents of the occupants leased space will be sold to satisfy the Owners/Operators lien in accordance with Section 191-200, title 42 of Oklahoma Statutes. Units contain household and personal goods unless otherwise indicated. Bidders must bid on the entire contents of storage unit. Terms are Cash Only. Successful bidders must remove contents on the day of the sale. The following Units contents shall be sold: Unit Name Address 230 Antionette Baker 1522 E. 71st Pl. #915, Tulsa, OK 74136 146 Beatrice Reed 206 N. 112nd E. Ave. #313, Tulsa, OK 74116 16 Johnny Merrell 72589 S. 316 Rd., Wagoner, OK 74467 249 Judith Collins 34454 E. 698 Rd., Wagoner, OK 74467 276J udith Collins 34454 E. 698 Rd., Wagoner, OK 74467