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Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, October 14 & 21, 2021

IN AND FOR THE DISTRICT COURT OF TULSA COUNTYSTATE OF OKLAHOMA WILLOWS CONDOMINIUMS OWNERS ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, v. ROBERTA FRY a/k/a ROBERTA L. MCGUIRE, ET AL., Defendants. Case No. CJ-2021-419 Judge Doug Drummond NOTICE OF SECOND ALIAS SHERIFF'S SALE OF LAND UNDER EXECUTION THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT BY A DEBT COLLECTOR, AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Notice is hereby given that on November 16, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. in Room 132 of the Tulsa County Headquarters located at 218 West 6th Street Tulsa, OK 74119, the undersigned Sheriff of said County will offer for sale and sell for cash at public auction to the highest bidder, with appraisement, all that certain real estate and improvements thereon situated in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, legally described as follows:

Unit 105, Building F, in THE WILLOWS CONDOMINIUMS, according to the Declaration Creating Unit Ownership Estates for THE WILLOWS CONDOMINIUMS, dated March 4, 1983, recorded in Book 4673, Pages 437-513, inclusive of the records of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, and by ANNEXATION NOTICE, dated November 30,1983, recorded in Book 4748, pages 1059-1986, and by CORRECTION OF DECLARATION OF UNIT OWNERSHIP ESTATES, dated January 31,1984, and recorded in Book 4763, Pages 889-897, and by AMENDMENT TO ANNEXATION NOTICE, dated May 31,1984, and recorded in Book 4794, Pages 392-393 a/k/a 1802 E. 66 PI., Unit F-105, Tulsa, OK;

said sale subject to unforeclosed liens of record, if any, and unpaid taxes of record. Said sale will be made pursuant to a Second Alias Special Execution and Order of Sale issued in accordance with the judgment entered on March 25, 2021, in the District Court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, in the above styled and numbered case, said sale to satisfy, first: the cost of this action, including sheriffs costs and other costs of the sale; second: the payment of the amount of the interest and fees accrued on outstanding ad valorem taxes, if any, due Defendant J. Dennis Semler, County Treasurer for Tulsa County, Oklahoma; third: the payment of all ad valorem taxes owed the Defendant J. Dennis Semler, County Treasurer for Tulsa County, Oklahoma; fourth: the judgment of the Plaintiff entered herein, together with such additional amounts as may accrue and remain unpaid through confirmation of sheriff sale as provided in Plaintiffs judgment, together with interest thereon to the date of confirmation of sale; fifth: the balance, if any, to be paid into this Court to abide further order of the Court in the premises. The property has been duly appraised as follows: 1802 E. 66th Pl., Unit F-105, Tulsa, OK; Appraised Value: $34,900.00 WITNESS my hand this 30th day of September, 2021. Vic Regalado Sheriff of Tulsa County, Oklahoma By: /s/ James Estes Deputy Curtis W. Kaiser, OBA# 4856 RHODES HIERONYMUS, PLLC P.O. Box 21100 Tulsa, OK 74121-1100 (918) 582-1173 Attorney for Plaintiff Willows

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