Details for CJ-20-683/GARCIA


Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, November 22 & 29, 2020

IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF TULSA COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA SHARP MORTGAGE COMPANY, a Limited Partnership, Plaintiff, vs. MANUEL GARCIA, an individual; et al. Defendants. Case No.: CJ-2020-00683 Judge: Doug Drummond NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Notice is hereby given that on the 29th day of December, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 119 of the Tulsa County Courthouse in the City of Tulsa, State of Oklahoma, the undersigned Sheriff of said County will offer for sale and sell for cash at public auction to the highest bidder, all that certain real estate and improvements thereon situated in Tulsa County, Oklahoma:

Lot Six (6), Block Eleven (11), UTICA ADDITION, to the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, according to the recorded plat thereof a/k/a 1302 N. Troost Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106

("the Mortgaged Property"), subject to any ad valorem real property taxes and improvements and/or assessments authorized by law. Sale will be made pursuant to a Special Execution and Order of Sale issued upon a judgment dated October 16, 2020 in the District Court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, in Case No. CJ-2020-683 to satisfy first: the cost of the action, including Sheriff's cost and cost of sale; second: the ad valorem taxes, interest, fees or assessments due and owing on the Mortgaged Property; third: judgment of Sharp Mortgage Company, a Limited Partnership as follows: (a) judgment in rem and in personam against Defendant, Manuel Garcia, on the Note and Mortgage in the amount of $11,040.68, plus interest accruing at the rate of 12.75% per annum from and after February 19, 2020, until paid; (b) judgment in rem and in personam against Defendant, Manuel Garica, for the costs of this action in the sum of $696.14 accrued and accruing; abstracting in the sum of $550.00 accrued and accruing; process service fees in the sum of $484.44 accrued and accruing; accruing property preservation costs, property taxes and insurance premiums, if any; and for all costs and necessary funds advanced by Plaintiff, including but not limited to the costs, expenses and attorney's fees incurred as to post-judgment execution and sale; and a reasonable foreclosure attorney's fee in the sum of $2,500.00; fourth: the balance, if any, will be paid into this Court to abide further order of the Court. Appraised value Mortgaged Property: $30,200.00. VIC REGALADO, Sheriff of Tulsa County, Oklahoma By:/s/ James Estes Deputy Prepared By: Kurt K. Townsend, OBA No. 22751 TOWNSEND, PLLC 1647 E. 3rd Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 (539) 832-8456 - Telephone (918) 587-2463 - Telecopier ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF