Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, April 7 & 14, 2021

NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE CJ-2020-2525 TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND TO ALL PERSONS OR OTHER ENTITIES, AND THEIR UNKNOWN SUCCESSORS, HAVING OR CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE HEREIN DESCRIBED PROPERTY, INCLUDING THOSE WHOSE ACTUAL ADDRESS IS UNKNOWN, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION THE FOLLOWING: Pentecost Asset Management, LLC, Pentecost Capital Management, Inc., U.S. Small Business Administration, and The Unknown Occupants, if any, of 1909 West "C" Street, Jenks, Oklahoma 74037. Notice is given that on the 11th day May, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., at Room 132, 218 W. 6th St., in the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, the Sheriff of Tulsa County will offer for sale and sell for cash, at public auction, to the highest and best bidder, all that certain real estate in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, to-wit:

Lot 2, Block 2, SOUTH LAKES BUSINESS PARK, An Addition to the City of Jenks, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, According to the Recorded Plat No. #5758...,

commonly known as 1909 West "C" Street, Jenks, OK 74037 (the "C Street Property"), together with all buildings, improvements and fixtures and the appurtenances, hereditaments and all other rights thereunto appertaining or belonging, subject to unpaid taxes, advancements by Plaintiff for taxes, insurance premiums, and expenses necessary for the preservation of the C Street Property, if any, and prior security interests in fixtures, if any, said property having been duly appraised at $225,000.00. Sale will be made pursuant to a Special Execution and Order of Sale duly issued upon a judgment entered in the District Court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, in Case No. CJ-2020-2525, in which Triad Bank, N.A. is Plaintiff and those persons or entities set forth above are Defendants. Plaintiff reserves the right to recall the Special Execution and Order of Sale and to cancel this scheduled sale orally or in writing at any time prior to sale without notice or leave of Court. Vic Regalado, Tulsa County Sheriff BY:/s/ James Estes DEPUTY Andrew S. Hartman, OBA #3948 Hayley Hartman Sharp, OBA #32629 HARTMAN LAW OFFICE P.O. Box 700600 Tulsa, OK 74170-0600 Telephone: (918) 712-3246 Facsimile: (918) 712-5042 ATTORNEYS FOR TRIAD BANK, N.A.

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