Details for 2021C TAXABLE BONDS


Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, July 22 & 29, 2021

NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS[2021C Taxable Bonds] In accordance with Title 62, Oklahoma Statutes 2011, Sections 353 and 354, as amended, notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of Independent School District Number 1 of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, will receive bids in the form of sealed bids, facsimile bid, electronic (Parity®) bid or similar secure electronic bid on the 2nd day of August, 2021, at 11:00 o'clock, AM, Central Time, in the office of the Treasurer, 5th Floor, Room 520, at the Charles C. Mason Education Service Center, 3027 South New Haven Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the sale of $10,000,000 Technology Equipment General Obligation Bonds, Taxable Series 2021C of said School District, which Bonds will mature $2,500,000 in two (2) years from their date and $2,500,000 annually each year thereafter until paid. The Board of Education intends to convene at 6:30 o'clock PM on said date in the Cheryl Selman Room, Ground Floor Level, at the Charles C. Mason Education Service Center, 3027 South New Haven Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma to consider and take action on the bids. Said Bonds shall be sold to the bidder bidding the lowest true interest cost the Bonds shall bear and agreeing to pay par and accrued interest for the Bonds. The lowest true interest cost will be determined by doubling the semi-annual interest rate necessary to discount the debt service on the Bonds to the price bid for the Bonds. The date from which the annual true interest rate will be calculated is September 1, 2021. Each bidder shall submit with its bid a sum in cash, cashier's or certified check, surety bond or similar security undertaking as stipulated by the District payable to the treasurer of the District, equal to two (2%) percent of the par amount of the Bonds, or $200,000.00. If a Financial Surety Bond is used, it must be from an insurance company licensed to issue such a bond in the State of Oklahoma, and such bond must be submitted to the School District or the Financial Advisor prior to the opening of the bids. The Financial Surety Bond must identify each bidder whose Deposit is guaranteed by such Financial Surety Bond. All bids must comply with the parameters set forth in the Notice of Sale and Instructions to Bidders, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting the City's Financial Advisor (Municipal Finance Services, Inc., c/o Linda Scoggins (405) 340-1727 or The Board reserves the right to reject all bids. WITNESS my official hand and the seal of said School District this 6th day of July, 2021. /s/ Sarah Bozone Clerk, Board of Education (SEAL)